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Criminal Defense

It takes an Aggressive Trial Attorney to properly handle a Criminal Case.

Being charged with a crime is serious.  Criminal convictions carry with them jail time, loss of respect in the community, as well as strips you of several constitutional rights.

A criminal charge can be successfully defended by utilizing an Aggressive Trial Attorney.  United States Marine Corps War Veteran David Boyd is the Aggressive Trial Lawyer you need to successfully defend yourself from a criminal charge.

A Criminal Case is different from many other areas of law.  Criminal Cases demand an Aggressive Trial Attorney who can handle the pressure associated with presenting your defense in Court, while having the experience and skill necessary to think on their feet for the best possible outcome.

Many lawyers are intimidated of Court, and some are downright scared of trials.  Attorney David Boyd strives to engage in Courtroom battles for his clients, and he will not back down from a fight. 

Attorney David Boyd believes in hard work, personal responsibility, and Service.

Mr. Boyd has been successful in defending clients in Courts throughout Tennessee in countless numbers of criminal cases.  Mr. Boyd has defended those charged with felonies such as First Degree Murder, misdemeanors such as DUI and Domestic Assault, and literally almost everything in between.  His Aggressive Courtroom representation will ensure that you receive the highest level of representation for your criminal case.  

In the past Mr. Boyd has served our country with wartime service while in the United States Marine Corps.  Today, Mr. Boyd and the members of The Boyd Firm, are poised to serve you in defending the criminal charge that has been leveled against you.  Put The Boyd Firm in your corner for the upcoming Courtroom fight.  You will not regret such a decision.

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, act now. Contact Attorney David Boyd immediately for your free consultation.

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