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Divorce Cases

You need an Aggressive Trial Lawyer for your Divorce.

A Divorce is a Battle.  It is a battle emotionally and financially.  A Divorce carries long lasting consequences.  Because of their unique nature, a Divorce requires a different type of Lawyer.  A Divorce requires an Aggressive Trial Lawyer.  An Aggressive Lawyer who will Fight for their clients. Attorney David Boyd is the Aggressive Trial Lawyer you need to Fight for you during your Divorce.

As a former United States Marine Corps War Veteran, David Boyd is combat tested.  Mr. Boyd believes in hard work, personal responsibility, and Service.

Mr. Boyd limits his intake of new divorces.  That is almost unheard of in the legal world.  Most lawyers only survive by generating a high volume case load.  Mr. Boyd is different, and the difference is by design.

Mr. Boyd's self imposed limits on accepting new clients ensures he has the time necessary to properly Serve his existing divorce clients, as well as allowing him enough time to become aquainted with new clients and to learn and understand their goals.

The Service you will receive as a client of The Boyd Firm is unmatched by others in the legal community.  As a client of The Boyd Firm, your calls and questions to be answered in a timely manner.  You will actively engage in dicussions with Mr. Boyd designed to both define your goals for the Divorce, as well as to determine the best method to strategically achieve them. 

The Boyd Firm realizes that keeping a client informed concerning all aspects of their case is critical to success.  Simply put, you will receive an outstanding level of Service as a client of The Boyd Firm due to the self imposed limits on accepting new clients and the Firm's commitment to Service.

Do not delay in scheduling your consultation.  Whether you are thinking about seeking a Divorce, or if your spouse has already filed for Divorce, you owe it to yourself to engage in an informative consultation with Mr. Boyd. 

Experience first hand, the level of Service and experience offered to clients of The Boyd Firm. 

In the past, Attorney David Boyd served our country while in the United States Marine Corps.  Now allow him and his Firm to serve you during your Divorce.  Contact The Boyd Firm as soon as possible to schedule your appointment.
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